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As a company, we have been operating and successful on the European market since 2003.

Health and safety -manhole / cover security and service systems

We want the work with heavy hatches and covers to be no longer associated with physical effort and stress on the spine and joints of your organization’s employees. To prevent this, we have revolutionized the mechanism of opening, lifting and moving manholes and heavy covers (concrete, cast iron), we have created systems protected by patent law. Our products – Security System, Winches, Spike and Lever are not only modern, reliable and easy to use, but also are becoming more and more popular on the market among corporate clients, Government Agencies, Project Offices, Thermal Power, Telecommunications, Waterworks and Sewage Companies. , City Self-Governments, Industrial Plants.

Sale of cast iron hatches

In order to secure the field, we sell manholes made of gray and ductile cast iron (also with the Skorpion® safety system installed.

Environment – disposal of hazardous materials

As part of environmental protection, we deal with waste management, we offer services in the field of disassembly, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing products, collection, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing waste, as well as collection of non-hazardous waste (waste tar paper, mineral wool).

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As part of our activity, we offer a range of patented products for the operation and protection of manholes and specialized services for the safe removal and utilization of waste such as asbestos, roofing felt, mineral wool. We invite you to read the details below.

Skorpion® System

Revolutionary technology for securing manholes

Skorpion System

Skorpion® Winch

Removing manholes has never been so easy

Skorpion winch

Skorpion® Spike

The perfect complement to the Skorpion® winch

Skorpion spike

Skorpion® Lever

Rusty, jammed or frozen manhole covers are no longer a problem

Dźwignia Skorpion

Skorpion® Hook

Unique, innovative tool for manual lid lifting

Skorpion hook

Asbestos disposal

Many years of experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos

Stop asbestos sign Pracownicy azbest

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Please find below the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to add individual hooks to the lever Ws-016 Haka Ws-010?

Yes, on request.

Does the Skorpion WS-016 lever require a lot of force?

No, its application does not require the use of force.

Can the Skorpion WS-016 lever detach manholes where the hole is in the middle of the manhole cover?

This is how you need to use a traverse together with a lever from ø500 to ø800.

How many interchangeable hooks are there with the scorpion ws-010 hook?

Two hooks.

Can the Scorpion WS-016 lever be operated at -25 °C?

Yes, without any problem.

Is there a possibility of discounts?

Yes, when ordering larger quantities.

Is it possible to individually adjust the hook ws-010 to your height, I have 2m?

Yes, on request.

How many hooks are there with the Skorpion WS-016 Lever?

One double hook.