Skorpion® System

The product is protected by patent law

    The Skorpion® system is a mechanism for securing:

  • Manholes of sewage wells - type: WL-002, WL-003

  • Rainwater drainage grates - type: WP-002

  • Hatches of heating chambers and others - type: WL-002, WL-003

    Advantages of the Skorpion® System:

  • icon dumbbell

    Made entirely of stainless steel

  • icon padlock

    Equipped with a unique, mechanically coded protection

  • icon storm

    Guaranteed trouble-free operation in all conditions

  • icon tools

    Possibility to adapt to individual customer needs

  • icon pipes

    Possibility of installation on both existing and new networks.

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The Skorpion® system enables the protection of cast iron covers and grilles, e.g.:

Protection against penetration of underground infrastructure

Protection against theft and devastation

Protection against a possible terrorist attack

Protection against keying

Protection against flood

Public safety

    The assembly of the Skorpion® System contributes to the increase of safety:

  • on roads and streets

  • near public utilities (schools, offices, courts, embassies, penitentiary institutions, commercial and sports facilities, etc.)

  • near communal facilities (airports, stations, bridges, viaducts, gas, water, energy networks, etc.)

  • in places of assembly (rallies, concerts, etc.)

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Securing critical infrastructure

    Installation of the Skorpion® System protects the underground infrastructure:

  • water and sewage networks

  • heating networks

  • telecommunications networks

  • We would like to interest in our product Institutions that have an impact on creating security, such as Government Agencies, Project Offices, Thermal Energy Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Water and Sewage Companies, Municipalities, Industrial Plants. In the present reality where international terrorism and organized crime are ubiquitous, our mechanism has become and should continue to be an integral part of the above-mentioned infrastructure.