Ways to open the sump

The range of Skorpion tools for servicing water supply, sewage, heating and telecommunications networks is a huge step into the future.

The innovation of our devices for opening and securing manholes sets a new path in terms of safety and health and safety.

Protection of the well against unwanted opening is possible thanks to the patented Skorpion WL-002 System. The Skorpion system has been securing critical infrastructure in many water, heating and telecommunication companies for many years.

More information about the Skorpion System can be found here.

The device that works with the Skorpion WŁ-002 system to secure the chambers is the Skorpion WS-001 winch and the WS-006 winch. This tool is very safe. It enables the removal and displacement of manhole covers without the use of workers’ force.

More information about the Skorpion Winches can be found here.

Along with the winch, using the new patented Skorpion Spike for the first time, employees of water and sewage companies, heating and telecommunications companies can use the new method of extracting manholes. It is a hookless system, so far unknown in water and sewage, heating and telecommunications companies.

Find out more about the Skorpion Spike here.

Another tool for opening rusty hatch lids is the patented Skorpion WL-016 lever. This small device will lift / unseal the cover of a water supply, sewage, heating and telecommunications well in a few seconds.

It is an innovative solution that allows you to open the manhole hatch without the use of workers’ force. The principle of three levers in one makes it a very strong and powerful tool.

More information about the WL-016 lever can be found here.

The Skorpion tools for servicing the water and sewage network, heating and telecommunications networks are designed so that vapors and gas fumes are eliminated to the necessary minimum.

How to raise a hatch to a sewage, heating, water supply or telecommunications well? At the moment, that’s not a problem anymore. With the help of Scorpio tools it becomes easy, simple and safe.

All our tools have the appropriate certificates and instructions.