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Skorpion® lever

The product is protected by patent law

    The Skorpion® lever is a device designed to detach attached covers:

  • sewer manholes

  • telecommunications hatches

  • hydrant boxes

  • storm sewer grates

Skorpion® leverenables uncomplicated loosening of seized, sanded, sucked, rusty, jammed and frozen manhole covers.

The device is handy, solid and does not require the use of force.

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    Skorpion® lever:

  • Icon clock

    shortens working time

  • Icon energy

    saves employees' strength

  • Icon hammer crossed

    eliminates the use of a hammer

  • Icon fingers snap

    it is easy to use

  • Icon helmet

    ensures work safety

    Parametry techniczne:

  • Icon height

    height: 10cm

  • Icon length

    length: 51cm

  • Icon weight

    weight: 3.2kg