Innovative manhole hook

The new generation of Skorpion WS-010 hooks is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the way of opening water, sewage, telecommunication and heating chambers. The innovative and at the same time relatively simple design of the Skorpion WS-010 cover hooks is a guarantee of easier and faster opening of the manhole well in extreme

This groundbreaking lid opening hook is made of moving parts. Thanks to this, it can be used for any manhole cover. It does not matter whether the manhole is built on a green area, on a slope or in a hardened place. The Skorpion WS-010 manhole cover hook will be perfect for any terrain.

The innovative design of the manhole opening hook allows for safe work, and thus contributes to the elimination of back injuries, muscle and tendon strains. Our hook for opening the wells is a new solution in the service of sewage, water, heating and telecommunications networks.
Importantly, the Skorpion WS-010 hook can be equipped with elements made of bronze-beryllium, which makes it a spark-free tool.

Buy the Skorpion WS-010 manhole hook today and eliminate the archaic wire hook from your work!

More information about the product can be found here.

The Skorpion WS-010 hook is available in our e-shop. We offer a set adapted to the telecommunications industry, as well as water and sewage and heating.