Asbestos disposal – a compendium of knowledge

According to Polish regulations the use of asbestos-containing products is allowed no longer than until December 31, 2032.

Owner Responsibilities
The owner, manager, user of real estate in which asbestos has been or is used, is obliged to carry out an inventory and prepare (in duplicate) information on asbestos-containing products.
One copy of such a list should be submitted to the local administration body, i.e. the president of the city, commune head, mayor, voivode, and the other should be kept for a year and updated by January 31 of each year.
Moreover, the owner or manager of the building should prepare in two copies the “Assessment of the condition and possibility of safe use of asbestos-containing products”.
One of them is obliged to submit it to the competent architectural and construction authority.
Subsequent assessments should be made after 5 years, or after the first year, depending on the technical condition and damage of asbestos-containing products, respectively.
Products that have large and visible damage – should be removed first, i.e. immediately.
Upon deciding to remove asbestos-containing products, the owner of the facility is required to report this fact to the competent architectural and construction authority 25 days before the commencement of the removal works of these products.
In addition, when submitting the notification, he should have a previously concluded contract with the contractor authorized to perform the above-mentioned works.

Contractor’s obligations
Before commencing works related to the removal of asbestos-containing products, the contractor is obliged to submit these works to the supervision authorities: the State District Labor Inspectorate, the State District Construction Supervision and the State District Sanitary Inspectorate at least 7 days before the planned commencement of works.
An important thing and obligation when removing asbestos is that the employer and the staff:

  • was trained in the safe use and removal of asbestos-containing products, and the employees had valid medical examinations allowing them to work in contact with asbestos and to work at height, if necessary.
  • before commencing works related to asbestos, the contractor is obliged to prepare a health and safety environment plan and a plan for the removal of asbestos-containing products.

Another obligation of the employer is to ensure the safety of employees at the construction site and protection against the harmful effects of asbestos dust. And this is done by:
a. use of disposable work clothes intended for working with asbestos
b. dust masks with P-2, P-3 filters
c. by using safety devices when working at height,
d. protective helmets and many other personal protective equipment (shoes, work gloves, glasses, etc.)

Disassembly method
Works related to asbestos disassembly should be carried out with particular care and with the use of measures limiting the emission of asbestos to the environment.
Therefore, when dismantling these products, the contractor must take care of:

  1. The fencing of the safety zone for the works carried out
  2. Appropriate marking of it by placing in a visible place information boards, such as: ATTENTION! , THREAT OF ASBESTOS! UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS NO ADMISSION! e.t.c.
  3. He should ensure that asbestos products are moistened with water before their disassembly. Our company uses a water-dilutable liquid called AKSIL, which has the properties of binding asbestos fibers, which reduces dusting and there is no need to keep the product constantly moistened, e.g. on hot days.
  4. Take care to disassemble entire panels where technically possible.
  5. Use only hand or slow-running tools for work.
  6. transport plates, asbestos products by means of a handling device
    loads (e.g. winches).
  7. after completion of works, wet cleaning of the construction site.

How to deal with removed asbestos, how to prepare it for transport?
Disassembled waste should be placed on a pallet, protected with foil (polyethylene), while smaller pieces of asbestos and caro-type flat plates packed in polyethylene bags can be placed in a collective big-bag package. Both should be marked with a special sign – with the letter A. Waste prepared in this way can be transported to the disposal site. (The waste on the vehicle should be arranged and secured in such a way that during transport it is not exposed to shocks, tipping over or falling out of the car.)

Natural persons who are not entrepreneurs and Housing Communities may obtain funding for carrying out the above-mentioned works.
To find out whether it is possible in a given municipality to provide co-financing for the replacement of roofing material, as well as other asbestos-containing materials, please contact the Environmental Protection Department of your local commune office.
The commune may cover the total cost of removal, or only transport and disposal, if it has adopted such an environmental protection policy and is granted funds from the European Regional Development Fund and Provincial Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Prices for disassembly and disposal, solo disassembly of asbestos-containing products, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing waste are not fixed. They depend on the number, degree of difficulty, distance of work, etc.

Cooperation with Kanpol
The KAN-POL company deals with asbestos removal, for example: dismantling of corrugated, flat asbestos-cement plates, used in construction as roofing (popular asbestos), used as wall coverings, facade covers, or dismantling of asbestos-containing insulation materials used in heating and heating networks. is authorized to carry out these works.
The KAN-POL company also provides the service of transporting and neutralizing hazardous waste resulting from the disassembly of asbestos-containing products or collected on property, and is authorized to carry out these works.

  • BDO registration number: 000075127
  • agreement with a landfill accepting hazardous waste

We encourage you to cooperate!
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