Skorpion® Winch

The product is protected by patent law

    The first multifunctional winch to lift:

  • manholes (ordinary) – type: WS-001

  • manholes with installed Skorpion® System - type: WS-001

  • telecommunications hatches - type: WS-006

  • rainwater drainage grates (ordinary) - type: WS-001

  • rainwater drainage grates with the Skorpion® system installed - type: WS-001

The Skorpion® winch is device for manual lifting and transport of objects, especially pcovers of manholes, manholes, rainwater drainage grates, e.t.c.

It is also used for lifting items equipped with various mechanisms at the bottom, including securing them against theft or unauthorized opening, such as e.g. The Skorpion® security system : WL- 002, WL-003, WP-002.

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    Additional use:

  • storm sewer service

  • service of heating chambers

  • water supply network service

  • septic tanks and industrial tanks service

  • telecommunications network service

    Technical specifications:

  • Height icon

    height: 100cm

  • Width icon

    width: 100cm - 110cm (depending on the model)

  • Length icon

    length: 100cm - 130cm (depending on the model)

  • Weight icon

    weight: 25kg - 30kg (depending on the model)

The use of a winch not only saves the health of employees during their employment and in the perspective of the upcoming retirement, but above all ensures work safety.