Asbestos - utilization and waste

Since 2003, the Kan-pol company has been dealing with hazardous waste management, transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

    The Kan-pol company in the field of asbestos removal offers the following services:

  • disassembly, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing products

  • collection, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing waste code: 17 06 05, 17 06 01

    The Kan-pol company in the field of non-hazardous waste transport offers the following services:

  • collection, transport and disposal of waste tar paper - code 17 03 80

  • collection, transport and disposal of mineral wool - code 17 06 04

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Workers removing asbestos from the roof
  • The company operates on the basis of decisions allowing for disassembly, transport of asbestos-containing products and transport of non-hazardous waste.

  • For works related to asbestos removal, we use modern technologies and safeguards to prevent asbestos fibers from getting into the air.

  • In situations justified by regulations, the company conducts asbestos pollen concentration tests.

  • In addition, it has specialized equipment for working with asbestos, as well as its own means of transport.

  • The Kan-pol company reports disassembly works related to asbestos removal to the State District Labor Inspectorate, the State County Building Supervision Inspectorate and the State County Sanitary Inspectorate.

The company's staff consists of experienced and properly trained employees. In our business, the priority for our company is keeping deadlines and reliability. Based on years of practice and favorable opinions issued by institutions and individual clients with whom Kan-pol cooperated, the company deserves the name - reliable.